Consult For

Business Presentation

In this activity, we prepare ‘Tailor made’ presentations as per company’s requirement and organise a presentation session with the clients, to appraise them of your business activities.

Company/Business Representation

In this, we act as your own person/representative on your behalf and participate in all activities of your company.

We participate in your business process/progress at your behest on mutual agreement (Dynamic liaioners and company to be represented).

Business Development

In this, we strive to explore the possibilities for furthering your business(Like Teli marketing or contacting the potential customers or meeting the concerned persons for business problems).

Coordination Activities

In this, the follow up is for a very short period or very small activity at the request of a client though the entire job/task is not in our purview.


In brief, liaising is to do all the required follow up and coordination with all the persons/agencies involved in accomplishing the given project or a task (Follow up with government agencies and other authorities for obtaining licenses and permits etc.).


It is basically a close follow up for getting the expected progress of a given task and generally lasts for a smaller period.  

Task Based Market Survey

Gathering and providing relevant information on a specific requirement of the clients.

Software Solutions And Revamp Services

We, at dynamic liasoners look upto fill the gap between industry/business(clients) and experts/service providers(suppliers), with regard to IT needs. We have tie ups with Local and Global IT Companies. Our Safety Management Software Package is in implementation.

So please don’t forget to call us for affordable, reliable and custom made IT Services.